Process cooling and heat recovery

Since the beginning of the 90's ITEK has delivered cooling and heat recovery systems to the industry. Some good examples are dry cooling systems for heat generated by compressors, customized cooling systems for the processing industry and heat recovery systems for varm process air.

What do we deliver?
We provide complete system deliveries including heat exchangers, coils, dampers and ducts:

Who do we deliver to? 
Over the years we have delivered many complete installations. Two examples are:

  • Energy recovery, process air - Alcoa Lista
  • Energy recovery, compressor heat - Saint Gobain

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Prosesskjoling og varmegjenvinning Flensdetalj

Industrial stainless steel coil

Prosesskjoling og varmegjenvinning Smeltevn

Heat recovery

Prosesskjoling og varmegjenvinning Varmegjenvinning

Process cooling