Filtration and dust separation

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ITEK provides dust filtration and separation solutions for all types of manufacturing and processing facilities. Over the years we have built up extensive knowledge of how to capture the different types of dust from various processes. Together with our renowned international suppliers, we have delivered solutions from small workshops to heavy production and processing facilities.

What type of filter technology do we use?
There is no easy answer to what we can offer, a solution is always adjusted according to the applicable process. However, there are some key elements which all together make up a good solution:

  • Knowledge and experience; we have the necessary foundation to make the right choices
  • Filter type (cartridge filters, plane filters and ceramic filters etc.); are chosen based on the application and the dust type
  • Fans; High efficiency, low operation cost and improved fan characteristics
  • Ducts and dampers; correct type of duct and air speed are crucial for the right solution
  • Capturing; we only want to extract what is needed, nothing more
  • Operation; right solution at the right place provides the best maintenance economy

Who do we delivery to?
We have delivered to a wide range of industries of which some examples are:

  • Food industry - Toro, Nidar, Bakers 
  • Process industry - Eramet, Saint Gobain, Elkem/Elkem Solar/Elkem Bjølvefossen, Rec Sitech
  • Manufacturing industry - Hurum Plast, Kuben Yrkesarena, Ekornes Fabrikker, Madshus, Remiks Tromsø, Teli

What do we deliver?
ITEK provides complex deliveries consisting of:

For more information, check out our product pages or contact us directly 

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