Central vacuum systems

Sentrale stovsugeranlegg i2000

Mobile vacuum cleaner

Over the years ITEK has been an active part in shaping the Norwegian market for vacuum cleaning in larger office and commercial buildings. It started in the early 90's with installations for industrial applications such as sawdust, minerals and organic materials. The units have been delivered with focus on new features such as automatic filter cleaning with pressurized air, pipe system cleaning and frequency control. In collaboration with other significant manufacturers we developed new series of vacuum units with focus on industrial operation and HSE. These were the predecessors of today's frequency controlled and soundproof solutions from ITEK.

What distinguishes comfort from industry?
Comfort units only handle house dust, while the industrial solutions are exposed to all types of dust. Common for every system is the need to find the right air flow. This is why ITEK carefully analyze the concurrency on the system, and in most cases the same series of units can be used. For industrial applications it is important to take extra care considering both the type of dust and amount of waste which shall be handled. Usually a solution for this is to install a pre-separator before the unit to relieve the filter of the larger particles clogging the filter and therefore increase the volume of waste which can be handled. 

Who to we delivery to?
We have delivered to a wide range of industries of which some examples are:

  • Food/pharmaceuticals/biological industry - Prior, Toro, Nidar, FMC Biopolymer, Nycomed Pharma
  • Manufacturing/process industry - Saint Gobain, Elkem, Rec Sitech, Windy, Hydrolift, Forsvaret, Kuben Yrkesarena
  • Comfort - Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste (PST), Statoil, DnB, NAV, Scandic-kjeden, Schlumberger, Multiconsult, Hurtigruta
  • …and many more

What to we deliver?
ITEK provides complex deliveries consisting of:

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Sentrale stovsugeranlegg F22

Vacuum cleaning central

Sentrale stovsugeranlegg centraction 040 small

Standard, frequency control central, 11kW

Sentrale stovsugeranlegg Luftmaling

Balancing / Commissioning